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Amanah Auto Finance

Amanah Auto Finance

Amanah Auto Finance

Conventional Australian auto financing options differ from Amanah Auto Finance through its offering of a Murabaha contract which essentially means we buy the car on behalf of our customer and resell it to them, clearly mentioning the cost incurred in buying the product and the profit mark-up when reselling the car to our customer.

Protection Under Australian Law

We Have Got You Shielded Under the Australian Law

Amanah Auto Finance knows that to make a decision to buy a vehicle is not a simple one as it involves planning for finances over a long period. For developing our products, one of the most significant considerations for us is to comply with standards of Shariah. Additionally, it is equally significant for us to make sure that our products are in accordance with Australia's regulatory and commercial structure.

Auto financing products of Amanah Auto Finance abide by Australian laws that are intended at shielding Australian customers in similar auto finance settings and which force responsibility of fair dealing and sincerity on all finance providers.

To make sure that our auto financing products adheres with the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 (Cth) and the National Credit Code (Cth), one of Australia's leading authorities on consumer credit laws has examined the auto financing product of Amanah Auto Finance. It means the customers of Amanah Auto Finance's Shariah compliant products get the same protection level which Australia's regulatory structure gives to other Australians.

To deliver this Shariah compliant auto financing product, Amanah Auto Finance has partnered with some of Australia's prominent financial organisations to make sure that our customers can have serenity that their auto financing is being handled and serviced by notable and trustworthy Australian financial service providers and that we have "the best practice" procedures in place to guarantee Shariah compliance.

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Protection under australian law

"To be the leading ethical auto financial provider with a core focus on customer engagement and service delivery"

Our vision is focused on expanding the reach of Amanah Auto Finance services on a local and national level across personal and commercial sectors which will serve as the engine for our future growth.


"Providing innovative and high standard automotive financial products & services."

Our mission drives us to focus on the needs of our customers, not just for today but for tomorrow and beyond when embarking on the decision to purchase a vehicle.

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